Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Puddle Of Tears

Across the island this afternoon, tear drops fell on the wood floor, the warm bedroom carpet, or simply your iPhone.  Again the feeling of anger and embarrassment fell apon the Islander fanbase.  The same fanbase who I consider one of the most loyal groups among the sports industry.  After the storm and some tissues later, March 5th became just another sad day in Islander country.  

After wiping off their iPhones, fans leaned on twitter.  So much that the hashtag #snowmustgo became trending across the United States.  The instant explosion on social media was well deserving, as the return on Thomas Vanek was minimal.  General manager Garth Snow only managed to snatch a mid level prospect and a conditional second round pick.  

The fans, especially the ones who attend every game deserve more.  They deserve an owner who cares, and a general manager who won't get disrespected.  One that demands winning, and nothing short.  Those fans who stay loyal to the Islander crest, deserve an organization who actually gives a crap.  

Enough is enough.  Wang/Snow and company, something needs to give.  The Islanders fanbase needs life, show us you care.  Is that really too much to ask for?  Brooklyn's around the corner, where's the shift in power? 

Don't you look forward to the day where we all can be proud to be a New York Islander fan again, I know I do. 

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  1. The trouble is Rob, Wang has shown that he truly doesn't care about the on-ice product and the players know it. Unfortunately, the result of that is what we've been watching for so many years. Look at the offers that were given to the likes of Vanek, Ehrhoff, Martin, etc. The money is being offered but the players just don't want to be on Long Island. The reputation is that poor. Don't have the horses, you can't win. If you don't win, the horses don't come. The only hope at this point is that Brooklyn changes the reputation of this beaten down franchise.